Rapid Weight Loss Diets - The Hidden Risks

Rapid weight loss diets are very popular these days, and for good reason. Rightly or not, your appearance has a significant effect on your social life, love life, self-confidence, and more. So who wouldn't want to get down to an ideal body weight? And the sooner you can get there, the sooner you can enjoy the life you deserve.

Unfortunately, rapid weight loss is often not healthy weight loss. The same diet that lets you take off the weight fast is the same diet that can kill you. While outright death may be a rare side effect, less severe but still dangerous side effects are very common, such as eating disorders. To add insult to injury, such a risky diet may not even be effective at keeping the weight off.

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When considering a weight loss diet, you definitely don't want to value speed over safety. A diet that borders on starvation may let you lose a lot of weight fast, but you pay the price with the toll it takes on your body. Don't forget that the purpose of eating is to supply your body with the nutrients it needs for energy and maintaining healthy tissue. When you're taking in far less fuel than you need, that's an invitation for trouble.

If you think about it, you'll see that the human body is really not built for rapid weight loss. In fact, it was better designed for rapid weight gain. Back in the days before we developed our technology, people starved in the winter as food became scarce. Their body weight became dangerously low, and it became a serious threat to their survival.

In conditions like those, it was an advantage from an evolutionary perspective to have some extra weight to survive the winter. And so people evolved to put on weight easily, so that they could make it for a fairly long time without any food. Today of course, we don't starve in the winter. Anyone with a little bit of money has easy access to far more food than they would ever need. Unfortunately, our evolution hasn't caught up to the modern world. Our bodies don't know that they no longer need to be programmed to put on weight.

When you set out to lose weight, you're working against your own biology. When you try to lose weight fast, the challenge is even greater. That's why it only makes sense to attempt something like this in a safe and responsible manner. Unfortunately, doctors often don't agree on what is healthy and what is not. Regardless, you should always do your best to get the facts about any dietary plan you're considering.

Any rapid weight loss diet you plan to pursue should make sense when you look at it from all angles. Don't turn a blind eye to the health aspects while fantasizing about how good you'll look. If you want to lose weight fast, do it in a way that will leave your body both healthy and beautiful.

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